Printed and Knit Fabric

Currently we have the collection of Robert Kaufman Cloud Cover printed fabrics and one from Timeless Treasures.  We have also started adding organic solid knit fabric and will in  the future be adding more clothing fabrics. 

Robert Kaufman's "new" printed fabric with a textured color effect that is similar to the weight of it's batik fabric. The weight of Cloud Cover is 3.06 oz. per square yard where batiks are 3.1 oz. per square yard. A wonderful addition to your fabric stash. The fabric is 43 inches in width and comes in a nice range of colors. I do hope that Kaufman decides to keep this fabric as a stock item in their offerings but for now that is not happening. Don't miss out on this wonderful one sided fabric. All purchases of fabric over 1/2 yard come in a continuous piece of fabric.