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I have been a textile lover since I was a child.  My mother took me with her when visiting her textile friends and together they would spend endless hours talking about the joys of purchasing the right fiber.  From that experience, I learned why items wear badly. Because of this, I decided that I would spend that extra amount of money to use a fiber that would last longer and look better doing so. This is why I stock materials that are of the highest quality and will last.  I hope that you will love them as I do.  If you have any questions or need to feel a particular yarn please ask for a sample.  They are free within the USA.


Check out my other website at www.dill-kocher.com

Dyed Yarn
Undyed Yarn
Strips, Rollups, Jelly Rolls
Spinning Fibers
Quilting Fat Quarters
Half Yard Fabric
Vintage Urso Sculpture
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