In the Beginning

Goodbye Mr. Paternayan

Why have I started this store?  I was one of the fortunate tapestry weavers who used Paternayan Yarns.  Mr. Paternayan, as I called him, was wonderful.  He and his glorious staff made sure that every whim was satisfied.  When I got tired of splitting the persian yarn they offered the colors I was using in crewel.  Maybe that is why, even to this day, I miss them.  They were part of my studio.  A big part.  They never got an order wrong and the colors were dead on.

Fast forward to present day.  I have personally tried every "tapestry" type of material and most of the companies leave a lot to be desired.  One, I will mention no names, consistently sent the wrong colors and the yarn was so poorly made that half of it was left on the studio floor to be swept into the trash.  When I talked to them about mailing the wrong colors, their standard response was hysterical laughing.  This reaction became the standard.  I am unsure why a business would respond to questions about wrong colors or sending cut fabric that is supposed to be 9 shades and is visually only two or three with laughter.  A very unusual marketing tactic. Maybe that is why I am taking a hiatus from public work for a while.  I put a tremendous amount of time in creating my large format pieces and fighting material problems on a massive scale is too much.  I have found a small non-profit mill that creates the yarn that I will use in the future.  I was excited to find them and I wish them well.  They are small, but are eager to supply me with materials as I move forward into residential size work.  I will now be hand dyeing all of my materials but to be able to work with this yarn and this company makes any effort worth it.  This yarn has "heart."

But enough about my "yarn" problems.  I initially created "Hearts Desire Fiber" to assist a couple of friends, my "Maggie May's" as I call them, in closing down their studios.  It's still not over but with every effort for a friend comes a "gift".  I found that not only was I interested in selling yarn but I was finding other sources of materials that are pushing my work in other directions.  The initial learning curve was steep but I am glad that I was interested in pushing my limits and creating new partnerships with creative and dynamic sources.  One benefit, no one laughs and all the materials are of excellent quality.  So maybe this is what was suppose to happen.  I still yearn for Paternayan Brothers and JCA and every time I think about what was, I get sad.  But hopefully, that will in time fade.  I have a few more months to go on my final public piece and then ............. who knows!

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