Confessions of a Fiber Addict

Maybe if I hadn't really gotten serious about the fiber shop things would not have changed but, by assisting my "Maggie May's", I have changed.  Not just the shop and my work, but my "collection" of equipment is 90% less.  So much so, that friends have asked if I was either ill or quitting art.  Interesting comment, if you take charge of your life and make a dramatic change then something must be wrong.  Well everything is ok, I am just adapting to the new me.  It is easy to say that my "girls " brought what happened upon themselves and that wouldn't happen to me but when I am on websites and listening to artists I hear the normal refrain...  "How many "blank" do you own?"  Like that is an accomplishment in itself.  Several of the artists/weavers have more equipment than they did and I wonder what would happen to me if I did "stub my toe."  Am I missing out on a new direction because I have too much of whatever?

I have decided to become a small boat in a large ocean.  Whether or not anyone finds me doesn't matter anymore.  I am content to have my little boat.  It makes it easier to turn and change directions and that, at this time in life, is an important element.  I am also eliminating the "guest" room in my house.  Once thought to be a necessary element in every home I have decided that my store needs the room.  I will be using this little used space to create products and tutorials for Hearts Desire Fiber.  Sort of a view from an artist.  I hope that my efforts will assist someone in looking at their materials with a fresh view and if it does, then my torching of a bedroom makes sense.

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