2.5 Pounds, Eco Peruvian Highland Wool Roving Top, 27.5 Microns, Natural White, Undyed

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Beautiful 100% Peruvian Highland Wool TOP that is 27.5 microns and sold in 2.5 pound amounts. A wonderful item for spinning, felting and dyeing. Drafts easily. Peruvian Highland Wool comes from a crossbred sheep that lives in the Peruvian highlands at over 2,000m above sea level. They are a cross between Corriedale (for strength) and Merino (for softness) and when you feel it you can sense the combination of the two. The environment in which they live allows them to produce a wool that is crimpy and durable. Recommended for beginners and experts alike.

The company that I purchase this fiber from is a company that uses organic and earth friendly methods. They also only use products that are nontoxic and will not inhibit the dyeing process. They not only sell fiber but they also create yarn and supply the finished garment industry. Because of being involved in the fiber from beginning to end they feel that it is important to create a cycle of quality from a healthy animal to a high quality finished product.