The Necessity of a New Ironing Board

I just received an email for an offer to use the app Evernote with a by line of “Evernote for those notes and random ideas.

Living in Cleveland

As I have been changing my second floor of my home into more of a yarn shop, I have been selling off furniture and anything that takes up too much space and doesn’t have dual functionality.  This has also been an opportunity to meet some wonderful people and have interactions that have caused me to be able to see my field from another viewpoint.

The Long Term Effect of Unintended Consequences

Although you may not connect this term to the art field, it is sadly more connected than you think.  I am not going to delve into the machinations of a Senator that damaged the art field, but lets pick something more innocuous.  Let’s look at the destruction of the analogue TV system.

Repurposing Vintage Tools

This was not my idea and probably most ardent spinners know about this tool, but I had not seen it until one of my Maggie May’s showed me hers.  Yes, it is a vintage brush cleaner/rake from Fuller Brush Company and does an excellent job of cleaning every bit of excess fiber from my small drum carder.  While I am careful to not scratch the bed, I love how easy it is to clean my carder before putting it


While unique is something that I strive for in my work it isn’t so in my surroundings, at least not completely.

Confessions of a Fiber Addict

Maybe if I hadn't really gotten serious about the fiber shop things would not have changed but, by assisting my "Maggie May's", I have changed.  Not just the shop and my work, but my "collection" of equipment is 90% less.  So much so, that friends have asked if I was either ill or quitting art.  Interesting comment, if you take charge of your life and make a dramatic change th

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